16 June, 2012

Just Practice

Didn't have anything particularly exciting to comic up today, so instead I spent an hour or so practicing. I quite enjoy drawing eyes, especially in Photoshop because once you're done you can hue shift the iris and get all these cool colour surprises.

So I've noticed that a large portion of my views are coming from overseas and I have to wonder. Who ARE you people? How did you find my strange little corner of the internet?

Please, leave a comment and let me know where you are in the world. I'm most intrigued.

*Edit* Also, I'm moments away from hitting 30,000 total views. Thank you muchly.


  1. *rewires internet to appear from 1000 different location.*
    /Confusing Daisy: Mission complete/

    1. Wow, you went to all that effort just to make me feel popular? I'm getting all choked up!

  2. What about, "I'm gonna smash me some arse!" Huh???

  3. Well, I was googling for some Deus Ex (or Warhammer 40,000?) wallpapers and found this site somehow.) I like your comics, sometimes they are quite funny.