30 June, 2011

Hiding On The Rooftops

We had a pretty good session today. The party got chased through the streets of a town by a posse of armed men and managed to slip onto a departing train through some clever use of teleportation and an extra-dimensional wardrobe.

29 June, 2011

Personal Effects

More character development.
If you have any ideas about what a sand-sailing pirate might carry on his person please leave a comment.

28 June, 2011

27 June, 2011

So... You Need A Ship.

Character concept slash practice drawing of Valmarius, Corsair of the Sand Seas.

26 June, 2011

Alternating Snores!?

But to be honest it was kinda funny.

In other news, I'm at 315 days of HighScoreKid drawings. Only 50 to go til my anniversary.

25 June, 2011


Maybe if I sit really close to the screen this will warm me up.

22 June, 2011

21 June, 2011

Tangled Webs

So we have another winner. Congratulations Blake.
"Ordered a new rain cover for my scooter in the weekend and ask for a wizard or a dinoasaur to be drawn on the parcel in the delivery instructions. This is what I got."

20 June, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Lately I've been very happy with the way I draw myself. I think I've finally found a style that caricatures me well.
After drawing this it reminded me so much of Scott McCloud. It was strange seeing how my drawing has come full circle, through semi-realism and Tartakovsky, back to this simple cartoonist style. I'm also surprised at how my cartoon self resembles Scott's.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Scott's work I'll just leave this little picture down here for you.

17 June, 2011

Snake Storm

The new Flames of War campaign system!
As envisaged by members of the studio during their lunch-break over a grueling 2 minute design cycle.

15 June, 2011

Ancient Foes

"Ah, vodka. So we meet again."
"Silence huh? I should have expected no less from you. Now fight!"

13 June, 2011

And, Action!

Filming stuff tomorrow.
Images may appear more anxious than in real life.

12 June, 2011

11 June, 2011

10 June, 2011

External Stimuli

Getting a bit bored with the inside of my head.
I need something else to think about, or at least to distract me.

09 June, 2011

Damn Birds

The party were attacked by a bloodthirsty flock of Kestrekels.
As you can imagine, many 'Angry Birds' jokes ensued.

07 June, 2011

06 June, 2011

Battery Jacks

Having wrapped up the warmachine tournament it is now time to retire Siege and move to a new warcaster.
So Amon in up next. However I'm sticking to my Cygnaran roots and converting him and his battlegroup. The Dervishes will become battery jacks and the idrians will become rangers. A new elite branch of the CRS.

05 June, 2011

And We Still Got The Bling

We finished up the tournament today and I managed to pull together three more losses.
But no matter, we ended up getting the 'Swamp Gobbler' medal (last place).
We also came away with the medal for best sportsmanship. It's funny how people seem to really enjoy playing us... And winning.
But hey, we walked off with more medals than any other team.

03 June, 2011


A bunch of minis for Dystopian Wars showed up today. The starter sets for the four currently released nations. A bunch of guys from work chipped in to get the whole set and split the forces between us.
Will be interesting to see how the game runs.

I figure you gotta play lots of different games if you ever want to make a good one yourself.

02 June, 2011

New Heroes

So we kicked off our Tyros campaign tonight and I think it's shaping up to be a good'un. The new generation of heroes are pretty fucking bad-ass if you ask me and they all shall have their part to play in this epic tale.

We've already had a derailing train, an enemy fortress breached via exploding barrels and visions of a dark beast.

Next week our adventurers head towards the wee town of Hanoa.
What manner of trouble will find them there I wonder...

01 June, 2011

Oh What A Surprise... More Boxes

I counted today... 23 boxes in the last month that I've done.
It's only the most tedious part of the job. Surely there'll be no more til Christmas.
Aren't I lucky.