23 June, 2012

Daedalus Creatures - Mollusk

Some concept work for one of the lower links in the Daedalus food-chain. It's a bit creepy I know, but that's the point.

The Mollusk is a spider-like parasite with ten legs that are each capped with a manipulating claw. It uses these to bring food up to its mouth which sits under the hard shell. While these critters can roam about scavenging for food they prefer to find a host that they can latch onto, curling in their legs so that they appear as a black-brown dome on the hosts skin.

Their meat can be cooked and eaten safely and once hollowed out their shells can be used for a number of things, namely as bowls. However, due to their strength they can also be used in the fashioning of armour.

A regular adult Mollusk will grow to about 4" in diameter but they have been known to get much larger when attached to a large host. The largest Mollusk found to date was 12" across.

More creatures to come.

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