29 September, 2012

New Website Is Up

The new website is up and running so all future updates and comics can be found there. Thanks for your readership, it is very much appreciated.

26 September, 2012

Oct-Sober? Not Likely

Head over to my new page at www.HighscoreKid.com the updates here won't continue for very long.

08 September, 2012

Time For A Change

It's been over two years since I started this blog and I've decided to start doing something slightly more worthwhile than just cataloging my life. To that effect I have started working towards making Highscore Kid into a proper story. I can't really say much more than that at this point because it's VERY work-in-progress but I'd like to get some input from those who read my comics.

Here are some character designs I sketched up today. They could be the main character's friends, rivals, or love-interests. Let me know which ones you like, whose hair is the coolest, which one reminds you of your cousin's landlord, whatever. Any advice you can give will only serve to make the comic that much better when I finally make the transition. All your comments and criticisms are welcome.

02 September, 2012

Act II

So, it's the final morning of PAX. I've only got one day left to soak up as much nerdery as possible before it's all GONE! For a whole nother year!

Anyway, highlights from day two were; the Live DnD, where Acquisitions Incorporated fought lizardmen, featuring awesome animations by Kris Straub; catching the Assassin's Creed 3 demo, with hilarious narration by a Frag-Doll to the tune of, "Oh, he's all like WTFLOL" when a redcoat got stabbed in the face; and dinner at the Elephant & Castle, not PAX related I know but it was freakin' GOOD.

I bought and ate many cookies, purely for charity, over the first two days. The wookie-balls were my favourite.

Here are some lovely ladies with impressive crafting abilities.
I always find it funny how everyone wants to take photos but they're all afraid to ask. I know this because as Victor and I are walking around I'll go up to these cosplayers, who are just chilling out, and say, "Hey, you mind if I take a photo?" And as soon as we get our camera out and they pull a pose, all these other people who've been milling about grab their cameras like, "Finally!"
It's also pretty funny, because I like to be IN my photos, so inevitably I'm gonna show up in all these stranger's albums.

Also, one final word. PAX Australia is a thing.

01 September, 2012

Loot Acquired

Well, that's day one of PAX done. Almost all of my weekends objectives have already been met.

-Take photos of cosplay girls for Blake? Check.
-Find Dodger and gain photographic evidence for Wayne? Check.
-Purchase the IKFMFRPGCR book for myself, and an extra one for Chris? Check.

Looks like I've got the rest of the weekend off...

The coveted Iron Kingdoms book.

Some very interesting people attending this year... She doesn't look impressed.