31 July, 2011

I Had My Suspicions

And now I'm sure.
Someone is controlling me, and telling me to swim in pools with no ladders
How do they expect me to get out!?

30 July, 2011

Campfire Song

"Let's sit around the campfire and sing our campfire song.
Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song.
And if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong.
But it'll help if you just sing along."

27 July, 2011

25 July, 2011

Hazardous Roads

And in other news we have another successful Dino/Wizard drawing request and this one's pretty damn good.

And another.

23 July, 2011

How I Spent 50% Of My Time

Yes, I am back.
Don't think I haven't been enjoying Victor's hilarious little game, but it is time it came to an end.

But I'm gonna continue to cop out for a few more days and post drawings I did while on holiday. What!? I need sleeeeeep.

22 July, 2011

13 July, 2011


I approve of this.



Hello follower(s).

Victor here, filling in for Sean once again while he soaks up the rays in raro, and while the cat's (Sean) away the mice (me) will play...

I will be presenting examples of what Sean would look like if he were other more bad-ass (or not so bad-ass) versions of himself.

Atleast until I run out of ideas/think of something better for the day.


10 July, 2011

New Styles

Thought I'd try a different approach to drawing my character today. We'll call it practice for when HighScoreKid turns 1.

08 July, 2011


I'm nearing the end of my years worth of drawings and trying to decide what to do with the blog once it arrives. Whatever it ends up being it will most likely be changing to something like a bi-weekly update. But my intention is to produce something with a bit more value. I want to try and do something narrative.

*EDIT 9/7* I was told today that bi-weekly means once every two weeks. So, sorry for the miscommunication. What I meant was twice a week. Likely Wednesday/Saturday.

06 July, 2011


And mother nature will be like slooooow dooooown and you'll say, "Fuck You!" and kick her in the face with your SYNERGY LEGS!

Obscure joke is obscure.

05 July, 2011

Backyard III

So today I received news that there will be a show on the 30th.
I was also asked if I wanted to play. Ah, yes please.

Better work on my set.

04 July, 2011

Greased Lightning

It's been a long time coming but the battery-jacks are finally gonna see some table-time.