27 June, 2012

Daedalus Creatures - Basilisk

Tonight's monstrosity is the Basilisk.

A reptilian carnivore found throughout the desert the Basilisk is a wily predator that is known to hunt in packs. By spraying its prey with a paralytic venom the Basilisks are able to gnaw off chunks of meat while the victim is helpless. A membrane underneath the Basilisks jaw stretches to accommodate large meals and is filled with acidic chemicals which help to break down food. This process can take a long time, during which the Basilisk is lethargic, and it is at this stage that a clever hunter will strike.

The origin of a Basilisk can be identified by it's tail shape. The deserts around Daedalus are home to the Crescent-tailed Basilisk. It is theorized that the tail and head crests are used for courtship. While this remains unproven male Basilisks do boast much more impressive crests than their female counterparts which lends credence to this theory.

A male Basilisk can grow to be 3'5" in length while females grow up to 4' long.

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