26 October, 2011


In case you haven't been keeping up, Blizzcon took place this past weekend. Plenty of choice information to feast your mind on if you're into their shit.
But the addition of a pet battling system to WoW? Really? Couldn't wait for Nintendo to get around to theirs?
I imagine the meetings went one of two ways.

Meet way the first:
"Hey boss!"
"What is it Jenkins?"
"You know those pets we have in the game? They should be able to fight!"
"But they're too small to have any effect on the epic monsters in our game."
"Well I guess we could make them fight each other..."
"Excellent idea Jenkins, lock it down."

Or more like this:
"Hey boss!"
"What is it Jenkins?"
"We should do Pokemon in WoW!"
"Excellent idea Jenkins, lock it down."

21 October, 2011

Good Times

Almost at the end of the Rugby World Cup insanity.
Soon I'll get my carpark back at work, although I'm not sure I'll use it. The train kinda appeals to me.

It's getting close to gaming season and I'm rather excited. I got my monthly copy of Game Informer in the mail the other day which is always fun. Every month I forget I have a subscription, so every month I'm pleasantly surprised.
Anyway we've got Skyrim and Assassin's Creed: Revelations coming out within a week of each other so I foresee some sleepless nights on the horizon. More on that when they're released though.

Til nek time.

12 October, 2011

Sergei's Exterminate Service, Part One

I'm not sure if it's something I ate, but my blood must taste bad. Almost everyone who has slept in my flat over the last week has walked away with bites. Somehow I remain untouched by the night-visitors, these tiny vampires.

01 October, 2011

The People of Southreach

First things first. The comic is a little snippet of what happened at our weekly DnD session on Thursday night. One of our party members is away in Australia, picking up swords, so we couldn't really continue the main quest. I decided I'd move the plot sideways and get the guys to play out some events that are occurring parallel to what they're doing.

Each remaining party member was given a new profession at random and they took on the role of a resident of Southreach, a frontier town that sits on the edge of the desert. Then the undead began to show up in the town, rising up from the sands to the south.
Their objective was to find out what was creating the undead and on the way they had to develop the layout of the town. For example, when one player looked out the window of the saloon he saw a familiar building across the road, and it was up to him to decide what that building was.

It was a lot of fun, with the guys trying to track down improvised weaponry and make their way around town as all the zombies swarmed in. I think the best thing about playing out this event is that now the previously blank town of Southreach has some interesting NPCs and an exciting history. If the party ever ventures down that way they will be able to meet these characters they've set up themselves.

On a sadder note, my car has once again been broken into. The same window was smashed and luckily for me there was nothing of value to steal. The real problem stems from the fact that the thief seems to have tried to start the car using a screwdriver, which has royally fucked up my ignition.

But hey, there's no point getting down about it. Life goes on.
Enjoy the comic.