27 December, 2010

26 December, 2010

6 Under

Ok, that's supposed to be a golf cart... Could you ever forgive me.

25 December, 2010


Fact: I have never lost a game of Cranium until tonight.
(But I swear they were cheating)

24 December, 2010

Home Time

Home for the holidays.
That means excess food for me and bad drawings for y'all. (Only have access to paint)

20 December, 2010

19 December, 2010

13 December, 2010

Nap Time

In dire need of sleep.
Good thing the AC was cold.
I could have dozed off.

08 December, 2010

True Neutral

Last one in this series...
Now I have to come up with new ideas.
Wish me luck.

30 November, 2010

29 November, 2010

27 November, 2010

Everyone Is Dead

Justs finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
Very good game. Blew my mindcogs.

26 November, 2010


I'm not gonna lie... I'm a little drunk.
So yes, 'Mans' is all I came up with.
Deal with it.

25 November, 2010

24 November, 2010


Yes I realise it looks dirty as hell.
But it is also awesome. At least til the end of the month.

23 November, 2010

With Great Power

You pretty much become a sociopath.
Also, female flatmates find Assassin's Creed hard to watch for obvious reasons.

21 November, 2010

Built My House On A Hex

Playing Settlers of Catan with the flatties tonight.

20 November, 2010

MJ-EZ Mode

In other news this will be my 100th image, every day for the last 100 days.
Hopefully I can keep it up.

18 November, 2010

Would You Like Some Baking?

Definitely should have shaved in my mustache this morning.
Turns out it was 'Have sex with a man with a mustache' day... Who knew?

17 November, 2010

Sweet Costume

If I had the time, and the forewarning. This is definitely what I would do.

16 November, 2010

Game Over

I went out of my way to pick up my pre-ordered Assassin's Creed Brotherhood today...
They don't get it in until Friday.