14 July, 2012

Daedalus Clothing - Merchants

Merchants play an important role in the economic survival of Daedalus. While the mountains just south of Daedalus are rich with minerals there is a shortage of other resources. Travelling merchants make the perilous journey from crater-city to crater-city distributing the various resources available to each and ensuring mutual survival.

11 July, 2012

Daedalus Clothing - Slaver's Arsenal

The Slavers are a militaristic society of raiders and soldiers. Their elite close-combat troops are feared throughout the deserts.
A brutal 'promotion by combat' system ensures that those in positions of power are the strongest fighters; Even the King has earned his place by fighting his way up the ranks.
The Slavers get their name from the slave caste that runs their city. Whether they were born there or taken from their homelands far away they have no hope of escape, there is only servitude. It is these slaves that keep the city running and allow the army to train relentlessly. These men and women are also bartered off to other cities, or wealthy persons, in exchange for imported goods.

The four combat styles of the Slavers are the Lion, a defensive style best suited for group tactics; the Bull, an aggressive shock troop; the Bear, an individualist skirmish style; and the Wolf, the scouting and special operations soldiers.

04 July, 2012

Daedalus Creatures - Troll

I started drawing this big guy and realised I was running out of canvas space. I was about to shrink him down when I thought, "No! He shall be as big as he needs to be." And then I made the canvas bigger.

The Troll is a huge beast with rough scaled skin and a series of horns that lines its neck.Standing approximately 12' from foot to shoulder the Troll is the largest creature known to walk the deserts.

While very temperamental in the wild many Trolls have been domesticated for manual labour. It is still noted that these beasts should be treated with caution at all times as their immense size can lead to nasty accidents.

The tiny Mollusk can often be found latched onto the softer skin of the Troll's neck or stomach. These parasites offer extra protection from predators, in the form of their tough shells, while draining a small amount of the Troll's blood.