28 August, 2012

Off I Go Then

Here we go again. In about 5 hours time I shall be airborne and on route to LA. I've packed as lightly as I usually do. These bags are small and still only half full. Oh well more room for PH4T L00TZ!

I was feeling a little bad about not having any drawings for y'all. I decided that some photographic documentation of this voyage will have to suffice. So get used to seeing my normal, un-caricatured, disturbingly realistic facial structures. At least this time I have a dedicated cameraman with me (Victor) so I don't have to grab people bodily from the streaming crowds and coerce them to aid.

So, Watch out for increased update activity this coming week.

25 August, 2012

This Is Not A Comic

So, I'm heading off to PAX again this year. It's gonna be another massive transcontinental pilgrimage for the Highscore Kid. Hopefully I remember to bring all my chargers this time, amirite?
I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with the blog while I'm away. You see, my usual stand in illustrator, Victor, is joining me on my journey this year. So there's no one I know personally who can fill in! Egads!
I'll have to ponder this some more...

15 August, 2012

Is It Crunch Time Yet?

Then I remembered that I'm awesome.

In other amazing news, the 15th of August marks my Highscore Kid anniversary! I've now been drawing for your viewing displeasure and my own personal record-keeping for 2 whole years. As always, thanks for reading and sharing in my visual rambling.


12 August, 2012

Birthday Monkey

So, the comic is late this weekend. And you'd be quite right in saying that I phoned it in pretty hard. But it's my brother's birthday today so I've been out of town visiting the family. His requested drawing was a monkey making a sandwich so... Here it is.