02 September, 2012

Act II

So, it's the final morning of PAX. I've only got one day left to soak up as much nerdery as possible before it's all GONE! For a whole nother year!

Anyway, highlights from day two were; the Live DnD, where Acquisitions Incorporated fought lizardmen, featuring awesome animations by Kris Straub; catching the Assassin's Creed 3 demo, with hilarious narration by a Frag-Doll to the tune of, "Oh, he's all like WTFLOL" when a redcoat got stabbed in the face; and dinner at the Elephant & Castle, not PAX related I know but it was freakin' GOOD.

I bought and ate many cookies, purely for charity, over the first two days. The wookie-balls were my favourite.

Here are some lovely ladies with impressive crafting abilities.
I always find it funny how everyone wants to take photos but they're all afraid to ask. I know this because as Victor and I are walking around I'll go up to these cosplayers, who are just chilling out, and say, "Hey, you mind if I take a photo?" And as soon as we get our camera out and they pull a pose, all these other people who've been milling about grab their cameras like, "Finally!"
It's also pretty funny, because I like to be IN my photos, so inevitably I'm gonna show up in all these stranger's albums.

Also, one final word. PAX Australia is a thing.

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