12 November, 2011

The Old 'One-Two'

So now that I've played Skyrim - and by that I mean 11 hours playtime on day one - I can tell you that there is in fact NO UNARMED skill. Sure you can punch people as much as you want but the kung-fu shenanigans from Oblivion have vanished. Also, the only resemblance to an UNARMOURED skill is one of the alteration perks which improves magical protection while not wearing armour. There goes my wandering monk archetype.

Here's a little story from my travels.
It didn't take me too long to reach Whiterun, but frankly by the time I saw its broken walls I was sick of plodding around. On my first night there I shelled out a solid thousand gold for my very own horse and we set off to solve the people's problems.
I soon discovered that wolves like to try and eat horses. Yet even as I drew my weapon to fend off the attackers the stallion kicked out with his own. Turns out he's not bad in a fight.
Jump forward to my most recent journey, a long and winding road through saber-cat-country, and I come across a man sitting by the side of the road. He warns me that there are bandits about and asks if I will escort him back to his camp. Reluctantly I agree, but as I follow him I grow suspicious. Sure enough, when he goes to fetch my "reward" he returns with four others, all intent on killing me. Needless to say I wasn't waiting were he thought I would be.
I fall upon them and one quickly falls to my blade. I look around for the others and am horrified to see them ganging up on my trusty steed. I wade into the melee but it is too late, my horse is dead. With fury in my heart I turn on the last standing bandit, the same one who lured me here, and drive both swords up into his ribcage.
I walk the rest of the journey.

So, everyone go play Skyrim now. It's stories like these that really excite me about the game. Everyone's story is going to be different and I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

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