02 November, 2011

The Many Faces Of Skyrim

People around here are starting to get excited about Skyrim. As in one-week-til-release excited.
I was thinking today about how the game trailers have set up this character, with his distinctive helmet, who isn't actually part of the game. Sure, you could go out of your way to recreate the warrior from these clips but the reality is that he won't exist in most people's games.
Today's comic covers one possible scenario which would cause the helmet to be prevalent in lots of games. You either make the player start with that helmet; make it the ultimate item, so everyone wants to get it eventually; or you just leave a shit-ton of them lying about in the game world.
It's also interesting how much of a symbol that helmet has become. It's more recognizable than the actual game logo itself, title omitted. I remember seeing people wandering around PAX Prime wearing those helmets and thinking, "Oh sweet, there's a Skyrim booth somewhere."

On another note, Victor and I have been planning our characters. He's got a fully-armoured battle mage in mind, who wields a strange pairing of tower shield and offensive magic. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a swordmage. Using defensive magicks to bolster my deadly melee skills. Anyone else starting to plan their character out?

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