28 April, 2012

Little Hooves, Mechanical Mandibles

We were driving back from the beach with me in the passenger seat, slightly drunk.
Victor was swerving the car just for kicks and we spun out harmlessly at least once.
I spotted a car nose-down in a ditch and we rushed over to check it out.
The back seat was empty and the driver's seat was filled with big white pillows.
Two denim legs poked out from underneath and I opened the door to get them free.
I was worried that there might be spinal damage and didn't want to move her without checking.
Somehow I woke her up and she seemed ok; so I dragged her out onto the grass before the car sank into the earth.
She wasn't the most gorgeous girl I'd ever met but something about saving her life made her beautiful.

I've been having weirdly vivid dreams lately.

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