01 February, 2012

The Inevitable

Real people, real requests.
I've been spending a bit of time on Mass Effect recently. Yes, that's right, Mass Effect the first. I've been hearing good things for a while now and thought that if I was going to play the third one I'd better get caught up on the story. Especially when half the reward of playing is to have your character move through the whole story arc. Anyway, I finished the game over the weekend and installed the second. I imported my character file and loaded her up (My Shepard's a female-colonist-soldier-paragon for those of you interested). I was pretty impressed with how the game transformed my old-graphics character into a new-graphics one. I was, of course, given the option to recreate her appearance from scratch but after spending 20+ hours with this Shepard I'm loath to say goodbye and start over.

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