10 December, 2011

This Shit? Again?

Some of you may remember this comic from a few weeks back and well, this shit just keeps happening. Our end-of-year work party was last night and between that and my aching bones (don't ask) I was not in a good enough state to be drawing. It's times like these that I really, really, REALLY want a new tablet so I can draw at home again. One of these would be nice. Just saying. My other interesting story for the weekend is a glitch I encountered in Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Basically, I was about to throw some money to a beggar and accidentally stabbed her to death. This may sound extreme but these are the dangers of changing control schemes. So I threw out the money anyway to distract people from my horrendous MURDER. Looking across the courtyard I noticed a group of guards and thought I'd go make myself feel better by assassinating them. I managed to kill them all, with the hidden blade, without any sort of reaction. It was only when the first guard stood back up that I got suspicious. Basically this group of guards had somehow appeared with none of their AI intact. I proceeded to kill them a few times over and every time they would just stand back up, completely oblivious. It's times like these I wish I was playing on the PC. Fraps + Youtube = profit, amirite?

1 comment:

  1. Sigh.
    This brings back some bad memories Sean!
    The artistic resemblances are stunning though somewhat "shrunk in the wash"